Tax Aid Eligibility Screening

Work while at Fifth Tribe for a nation-wide non-profit foundation serving vulnerable seniors.

Project Summary:

AARP Foundation was one of the clients I got the chance to work with during my last year with Fifth Tribe. They came to the agency with a need to create an effective way to provide senior citizens across 50 states with property tax information and assist them with getting their property tax credit. This process involves filling out forms to determine eligibility. 

The project was an enlightening experience for me. Some of my knowledge designing products for the usual majority turned out to be invalid for this users group. We first built a chatbot as an MVP utilizing best practice for online customer service. However, even though the interface was easier and felt more human compares to filling out a form, our testers, who are all seniors above 60, struggled with typing and reading text on screens.

From that point on we switched our perspective both mentally and physically. I decided to turn the experience into something more enjoyable for the audience, and requires the least amount of reading or typing. In the second round of prototyping, the questions were reformatted into a quiz. Icons and character animation were added to the interface to create a gamified experience. To our delight, this new approach resonated well with our users and sparked conversations as they used the product.

Initial prototype with chatbot approach

Revised design after first user test taking a gamify approach

Updated character to be more relevant to the user group